The Dh10 million-plus, 1,500 horsepower, 420kph Bugatti Chiron is a head-spinning amalgamation of improbable numbers, but there is more to this astonishing machine than mere top speed and raw power.

1: The exhaust system on the Chiron has as many as six catalysts. If you opened them and spread out the contact surface they would cover a staggering 31 football fields. Or a total area of over 3.0km by 2.4km!

2: Given the tremendous amount of heat generated by the 8.0-litre W16, quad turbo engine, the Chiron’s rear bodywork is a masterclass in aero- and thermodynamics and is designed to drive the heat away from the body as efficiently as possible. The engine coolant, meanwhile, flows through the radiators at 800 litres per minute or over 13 litres per second! That’s enough to fill a normal bathtub in 11 seconds. Though one suspects Chiron owners’ bathtubs are rather larger than standard.

3: Running at maximum revs, the 8.0-litre W16 engine devours a mind-boggling 1,000 litres of air every second. That is about the same amount of air an average human breathes in nearly three hours!

4: The fuel pressure in the injection rails sits at 160 bar. That is an astonishing 2,240 PSI. Or the equivalent of one tonne of pressure applied over one square inch!

5: The carbon fibre monocoque is extremely rigid and is made up of 320 square metres worth of the exotic weave. The overall length of the carbon fibres that go into its making will stretch over a startling 3,300,000 kilometres. Yes, that’s 3.3 million kilometres!

6: The Chiron, as you would imagine, melds brute mechanical force as well as cutting-edge electronics to deliver its superlative performance and stability at incredibly high speeds — there are 50 ECUs on the Chiron, and that’s not including three that control the engine. Your car, unless it’s a Chiron, doesn’t have anywhere near as many.