Three-pillar pillarless coupé, the new Mercedes E-Class Coupé

We need to be careful of this encroaching trend of just making up definitions of words. First carmakers en masse started insisting that coupés were actually four-door SUVs, and now with Mercedes Benz’s latest-generation E-Class Coupé, the Germans claim that three pillars denote a pillarless coupé… The windows are frameless, yes, except the rear one is awkwardly divided by a little third pillar otherwise the expanse of the glass wouldn’t have been able to wind down entirely. In short, not a pillarless coupé.

Nevada gambles on Faraday Future and loses big

With Chinese newcomers flushing out hype about their vision of a future of electric mobility, the US state of Nevada was suitably impressed to offer an incentive of a factory and $335m. Unfortunately for Nevada Faraday’s backer has stalled amidst lawsuits and debts, and you’d think Nevada would know a thing or two about a hustle.

Ex-Ferrari boss gambles on Faraday Future and you get it…

Just one of Faraday Future’s big-name hires was ex-Ferrari F1 boss (sacked after a year) Marco Mattiacci earlier this June, who moved to the Chinese-backed company as global chief brand and commercial officer with a leading role in product development. Well that didn’t last very long as Mattiacci has already resigned after six months, along with former Volkswagen executive Joerg Sommer, who made it three months…

Mustang rep: Everyone on the internet crashed a Mustang

Ford can’t have been happy throughout 2016 when their iconic Mustang nameplate increased its internet notoriety by mowing down innocent people — as soon as the trend picked up no Mustang anywhere was safe from a prying phone camera as people the world over started posting up videos of Mustangs failing badly at power slides.

Chrysler’s 9-speed

We’ve been waiting for a while for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ new nine-speed transmission, particularly because the company hyped it as the most gears in class and that sort of thing. Well most didn’t turn out to be best, in fact far from it, as every one tested by wheels turned out to be clunky and indecisive, particularly versus smoother rivals — even though the ZF-sourced transmission is also used by Honda and Land Rover the jerky ’box hit the FCA group hardest.

Bottom Trumps

Part of US president-elect Donald Trump’s spiel during election was his insistence on keeping American jobs in America. He made it his personal duty to ensure Ford in particular kept its small-car productions, like the Focus compact, in the US instead of moving way down south of Michigan to Mexico. So now that Trump’s president what’s Ford doing? Ford’s moving production to Mexico.

Heartbreak, again

Mazda loves to toy with our hearts with the on-again, off-again legendary RX-7 revival, talk of which has been ongoing since the company ended rotary production completely in 2012. Late last year at the Tokyo motor show the Hiroshima-based carmaker revealed a gorgeous RX-Vision concept of what a rotary-powered flagship sportscar of the future could look like, and then promised build dates, and then cancelled all plans…

Cadillac ELR

If this continues it will take many more hits and misses for Cadillac until the now Manhattan-based company finds its identity — after just two years of miserly sales Cadillac has quietly killed off its ELR, which is essentially a tarted up Volt. Cadillac shifted less than 2,500 ELRs during production, and while there’s no doubt the model was poorly received Cadillac is still pushing ahead with plans of an upcoming electrified coupé based on the new CT6.