Tesla Model X

The Falcon Wings — which have a second hinge separating the upper and lower halves of the doors — look super cool and provide ample access to the middle and rear seating rows. The challenges in ensuring top-hinged doors work properly are numerous, and we hope CEO Elon Musk doesn’t ditch them

Maybach Vision 6

The concept’s massive gullwing doors was a first for a Maybach and even though the rest of the car makes your eyes pop (it’s spectacular in every single way and pays homage to the glorious age of the aero coupés) it’s the two doors that really set pulses racing. The Vision 6 won’t be green lit and that is a shame, but we’ve seen those doors on production cars before, they’re a hallmark Mercedes design element, and we’ll probably see them again.

Rezvani Beast Alpha

This car has something called Sidewinder doors. They’re a bit more intricate than those on minivans what with a forward-sliding design that allows a wide opening with a small outward clearance, so if you thought the Beast Alpha wasn’t showy enough, then just wait until you see these doors in action.

Fisker EMotion EV

Henrik Fisker, the man who gave the world the BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB9, V8 Vantage and countless other gorgeous models, has added butterfly doors on his next model. They’ll ease ingress and egress, and more importantly, look stunning. Both the front and rear doors are hinged to open vertically and they oppose one another, and you’d never get tired of seeing them.