1. It will really be all-new: The 650S replacement will be an all-new car rather than a poked and prodded 650S. Its styling, as you can see here in our spy shots, will mark a notable departure from the current car and will boast improved aerodynamics.

2: It will be lighter: The new car will be built around the second-generation version of McLaren’s carbon fibre and metal tub, aptly dubbed the Monocage II. The new tub will be more rigid and lighter, contributing to the car’s claimed dry weight of just 1,283kg. This, according to the Woking manufacturer, will make it the lightest in its class and about 18kg less weighty than the 650S, specced like for like.

3: It will have a lower centre of gravity: The newcomer, thanks to the updated central structure will have a lower centre of gravity than the already ground-hugging 650S. This, combined with the lighter weight and an undoubtedly more powerful engine — our guess is circa 700bhp just to put clear daylight between it and the Ferrari 488 GTB’s 661bhp — will result in a car that will be dynamically more accomplished than the 650S.

4: It will be easier to live with: The central structure will have “a wider cabin entrance and lower sill”, according to McLaren, making the new car more usable. This, in essence, means that that you will not have to execute acts of contortionism merely to get in and out of the car. It will also have more room for your legs inside.

5: It will offer the most pointless option ever: If you’re a bit of an anorak and would like to impress your passengers with your carbon fibre Monocage II, you can choose the option of “Visible Monocage”. This, and you’ve guessed correctly, will showcase the carbon fibre construction by exposing the material on “the inside area of the A-pillar”.