It seems Carlex Design is keen to bring back the decade that taste forgot, the Seventies, with its latest model called the Jet Van - based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Now, dressing up vans back then was the ‘in’ thing and enthusiasts seriously tricked them out to the max with new wheels, shiny sidepipes, plush interior carpeting, and artwork on the sides. Groovy baby…

Carlex has done something similar but if you were wondering if it is as fast as a jet, well the simple answer to that is a flat no. But it does have a wicked black paint job and awesome golden alloys. The front bumper has gaping intakes (a bit like those on the Mercedes-AMG E63 saloon) but Carlex hasn’t touched the drivetrain – it’s just a cosmetic upgrade but it won’t come cheap that’s for sure not when it packs 40in and 21in 3D displays (front and back respectively) loads of tech including external parking cameras, seven-way adjustable seats and ambient lighting while literally every surface in the cabin gets black or gray leather (with yellow stitching) and faux suede along with splashes of “exotic wood” and 24-karat-gold plating on various bits including the on the cup holders and rim of the minibar. Yes, minibar; the Seventies are definitely back.

It isn’t the first Sprinter to be given a makeover and it probably won’t be the last either but here's a little reminder of three other Merc vans that have been customised by tuners:

1 - Hartmann Tuning
The Vansports Camper Sprinter had a menacing black paint job and sure looked aggressive what with a front spoiler, side sills, a rear apron and a set of alloys finished in anthracite-gray metallic... 

2 -  Brabus
They called it the VIP Conference Lounge and this one featured a custom body, bi-xenon headlights, LED daytime running lights, 18in wheels, heated mirrors, leather-wrapped heated seats on all rows, LED ambient lighting, a 10in tablet, two TVs, a Blu-Ray player and a removable refrigerator! 

3 -  Outside Van 
Its take on the Merc,  the Valhalla 4x4, had a heap of  standard equipment including a folding three panel bed, upgraded tyres, interior storage racks, roof racks and a 10-speed roof vent.