We can’t tell you the exact number of hours wasted playing V-Rally but if we tallied them all up it’d probably amount to a good few years. Hmm, that time could have been spent far wiser especially during exams (maybe we’d have become engineers like we hoped…) but we don’t regret it all (ahem…) because this game really was the bee’s knees. And we can’t believe that it’s been 20 years since it was introduced.

It might also be 20 years since the first-ever Harry Potter novel was published and the same number of years have passed since Dolly the sheep was introduced to the public but the racing game was a far more momentous occasion for us. Well, we just teens back then and car games on the PlayStation mattered most - nothing’s changed there then. Anyway, V-Rally was so darn good that it would go on to change the landscape of racing games forever. Developed by Eden Studios as it was known back then (Eden Games now) and published by Infogrames, it sold over seven million units worldwide grossing $200m.
Why was it so popular? Well, unlike other rally games at the time, this one allowed players to race directly against each other in split-screen mode and it featured ten different race locations not to mention eleven official World Rally Championship cars and seven Formula 2 Kit Cars as well. That and the fact the graphics were stunning too made for a fab game and we were hooked. To mark the milestone, we look back at some of our favourite rally cars that were featured in the three iterations of the game...

Alpine A110:
It was one of the most successful rally cars in history, and won the first-ever World Rally Championship for manufacturers.

Citroën Saxo:
Rallying legend Sébastien Loeb won his first World Championship in this one.

Escort WRC:
Spanish rallying legend Carlos Sainz achieved 3 WRC victories during his time with the car.

Fiat 131 Abarth:
It won the manufacturers’ World Rally Championship crown three times.

Toyota Corolla WRC:
It was the first ‘World Rally Car’ to feature a transverse-mounted engine.

Subaru Impreza WRC:
Has the highest number of wins (46) in World Rally Championship history.