Before his film career took off, Burt was a stuntman and aside from jumping off horses and throwing/taking a punch, boy could he drive! We take a look at his three most memorable on screen stars — the 1977 Trans am, 1968 Camaro SS and 1978 GMC K10 Stepside — but an honourable mention must also go to the 1971 International Harvester Scout that he thrashed in Deliverance, the camouflaged 1969 Porsche 911 from Cannonball Run, and last but not least the 1983 Ford Thunderbird from the Nascar flick Stroker Ace.


1977 Trans Am

Can you imagine the Bandit without his black Trans Am? Nor can we. The Pontiac had the looks to compensate for its lack of power (220bhp inspite of that 6.6-litre V8) and sales went up by 600 per cent that year thanks to Smokey and the Bandit. That broken bridge jump scene is still one of the best ever in movie history.



1968 Camaro SS

In the comedy Cop And A Half, he drives a blue 350bhp Chevrolet riding on a set of sweet Rally wheels, and big block 396 badges on the fenders. It even had four-point seat belts in the interior — which came in handy when Burt drove the beautiful Camaro through a fence and and spun it around on some dirt while chasing the bad guys.



1978 GMC K10 Stepside

There’s another Trans Am in Hooper, a movie about the lives of stuntmen, and although that one is a gorgeous red hardtop, it’s his rare squarebody truck that deserves a mention. Reynolds spins it around in the middle of the road and then speeds along — backwards — until he’s pulled over by the cops. A truly fab bit of driving.