Getting your driving licence is one of the great joys for a petrolhead. However, with the privilege of getting to pilot your own motor vehicle comes great responsibility, too. According to a Gulf News report in October 2015, a staggering 63 per cent of accidents that year were caused by young drivers between the age of 18 and 35. The importance of following traffic rules therefore cannot be overstated. Commit any of the below offences and you immediately get 24 black points on your licence, which means it’s revoked for three months. Do it two more times and your licence is taken away for good.

Here are five ways to lose your driving licence instantly — and a substantial amount of money — in the UAE.

  1. Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or similar substances: this is a no brainer. The UAE has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to DUI. Even if you’ve had a big night on the town, the smallest trace of alcohol in your blood even the following day can land you in serious trouble. While the monetary fines and legal action are decided by the court, the vehicle is impounded for 60 days and, oh yeah, you get 24 points on your licence. Game over for three months.
  2. Causing an accident with the tram: yes it takes ages to crawl past, but messing with the tram is an unwise idea in Dubai. Jumping a red light at the tram intersection will relieve you of Dh5,000 and your licence for three months. If you cause an accident or injury to another person then that penalty is doubled. In the ill-fated scenario where someone loses their life because of the crash then the driver can be fined Dh30,000 and lose his/her licence for a year. Further police charges may also be pressed.
  3. Driving a vehicle without number plates: if you are unable to tell whether your car has a number plate or not, you probably should not be in control of a two-tonne projectile. Doing so will result in a Dh1,000 fine and confiscation of your vehicle for two months. Which would be fine because you’d lose your licence immediately for three months due to the 24 black points you’d rightly accrue for your shenanigans.
  4. Not stopping after causing an accident that resulted in injuries: doing something like this would be downright criminal and literally so. If you’re involved in a crash that results in another individual(s) sustaining injuries and you decide to drive off anyway, you will get your car impounded for 60 days and get an immediate 24 black points resulting in your licence being revoked for 60 days. The fines are decided by the court.   
  5. Dangerous overtaking by trucks: now this one may not necessarily apply to most readers, however, if you do happen to be an HGV driver and enjoy reading wheels, you’d best refrain from dangerous overtaking manoeuvres on the roads. Doing so will earn you 24 black points, which means you can kiss your licence goodbye for three months. So pay extra attention, and, check the tread on your tyres while you’re at it.