For driving enthusiasts the go-to brand is BMW and for good reason what with luxurious, high performance and sporty models such as the Z4 M40i. The roadster is available from Dh300,000 but you would hardly feel the pinch when you can break down that price to Dh4,528 per month. Worth it for this gorgeous 340 horsepower convertible.
For those who demand the ultimate in luxury you can't beat the 7 Series. It's a technological marvel and the 750Li xDrive M Sport packs an 8-cylinder motor making 530 horses and can do 0-100kph in just 4.0 seconds.
If you need to accommodate more passengers in total comfort and all of their goods too then the SUV range includes the X5 of course and the new X7 M50i which has an 8-cylinder 530 horsepower motor that can despatch the 0-100kph sprint in 4.7 seconds. This one is yours for Dh565,000. Looking for a sportier SUV?  Then you can't go wrong with the stylish X6 replete, of course, with that coupe-like roof and muscular proportions.