What you are looking at here are the first two Firebirds ever built by Pontiac. Let that sink in for a moment…

Welcome back. These rare Birds, which will be going under the hammer soon at Barrett-Jackson and will no doubt command a hefty price too, were made in 1967 but look as if they both just rolled off the Lordstown, Ohio production line.

The coupe and convertible models - a huge piece of General Motors and automotive history and which have never been separated since being built - captured the hearts of the youth back in the Sixties - muscle car fans loved the power of the Firebird and indeed its aggressive looks. Developed by none other than John DeLorean (vice president of General Motors and Pontiac division general manager) and Pontiac’s chief design engineer Jack Humbert, the pair created a car that went on to become an icon of the automotive world. The “Coke bottle” styling, lowered stance, split-nose grille and rally-style side vents really did the trick – even though it was built on the same platform as the Camaro. In the first year of sales, 82,000 units found very happy homes and the model was more than a match for the Chevy and the Ford Mustang in spite of being a late entry to the race.

These two particular models (VIN #001 and #002) were used for shows and advertising when new almost 50 years ago and were then then sold to a private collector. They were recently discovered in poor shape and underwent a full restoration and look better than new.

So, if you’re in Las Vegas on October 13, why not make a cheeky bid? But be warned, they won’t be cheap; less rare 1967 Firebirds have sold for $200,000 (Dh734,000) in previous auctions. These two will almost certainly be worth three times that.