Well that was certainly strange. It was only a few days ago that we reported the less than a decade old Atieva was launching its first car called the Atvus and that it would be a Model S rival what with 900 horsepower. Well now, the electric car start-up has been rebranded as Lucid Motors. Not fussed about that? Ok then, let’s check out some of the new photos of their new ride instead because it looks properly decent.  

Featuring a unique design with short front and rear overhangs, the model embraces a rather edgy look; the surfaces and nothing like to the Tesla which is far rounder and smoother looking. The new set of images also highlight the Atvus’s glass roof along with a rather fetching white and aluminium combo for the seats and a fully digital gauge cluster. Not bad. Not bad at all. If we had to pick between the two, the we’d opt for the Atvus in terms of aesthetics. But, it doesn’t just promise to look good. Oh no. Atieva, oops, we mean Lucid Motors say the new model will have up to 900 horsepower. It will be packing an 87 kWh battery pack with around 482km of range (a top spec model is said to be in the works with an upgraded battery  giving it a range of 644km) and two electric motors that’ll be able to combine to produce the epic output. The Model S P100D won’t know what hit it.

Lucid add that the electric saloon will pack various automated driving systems as well as natural voice interactions, and intuitive user interfaces. Sounds impressive and many will be welcoming this EV to the market with open arms. Production is set to begin in 2018 and the Silicon Valley company aims to produce up to 130,000 units a year. Sounds like a lot for a new company that's never built a car before? We couldn't agree more - but we'll wait and see how they get on.