Just take a few seconds to soak up this awesome Chevelle. It is absolutely gorgeous. And even though it is 47 years old, you could drive this one daily without any overheating issues or electrical failures or sloppy brakes. No, we’re not messing with you; this one offers the best of both worlds because it retains those classic looks - but under the fabulous sheet metal is basically a brand new car.

Some of the classic muscle car’s original internals were swapped out by Chevrolet to make room for the brands latest technology. The first place to start has to be the engine. Under the muscular bonnet resides a new direct-injected LT376/535 crate 6.2-litre V8 which is based on the LT1 powering the Corvette. Chevy gave it a different camshaft and heads and managed to make an extra 75 horsepower for a total of 535 horses. The best the model had in its heyday was 375 horses – which was a lot in the late Sixties.

That’s not all. The second-generation model also features a modern SuperMatic 4L75-E four-speed transmission and it is strong enough to distribute as much as 881Nm of torque to the wheels. And speaking of wheels, the Chevelle rides on a set of new set of 18in front and 20in rear polished alloys. They look great and are complemented by a drop in the car’s ride height and the air suspension is the reason this Chevelle is called the “Slammer”. The classic lines have been retained but under the gorgeous body are modern brakes from the latest Camaro.

As for the interior, it’s been trimmed and painted in Adrenaline Red and another feature of the 2016 Camaro has been borrowed – its seats. It also features custom gauges and all in all, this car looks stunning. If you happen to be at SEMA, then make sure you get up close and personal with this one.