For most drivers, getting around the challenging Nürburgring on all four wheels without crashing would be a milestone moment. But, Chinese driver Han Yue has done just a little more than that. He’s set a world record by lapping Germany's famed race track in a Mini Cooper. What’s so good about that, we hear you cry? Well, he’s only gone and done it on two wheels!

Granted, it wasn’t a particularly fast lap; it usually it takes most performance cars over seven minutes to do it in anger but Yue did it in 45 minutes. No, not exactly Radical SR8LM quick (that one did it in 6:48.00…) but it was a lot slower than the daredevil driver had hoped for and the reason was because one of the special solid-rubber tyres began vibrating if he touched 20kph. The attempt wouldn’t have been possible without the special tyres; far stronger sidewalls were required to balance on just two wheels as they are more wear-resistant, so, he had to keep the speed below 20kph (he averaged 28kph) for the 20.81km run thus the slow time. But, we’re not having a moan; the ‘Ring isn’t exactly a long, flat road remember. It’s tight and twisty and there are some huge elevation changes too. But, while behind the wheel of the R56 generation Cooper S (it was mostly stock aside for the special tyres, roll cage and race seat harness), Yue lapped the menacing track without any problems for the attempt.

The distance record was the first event to be livestreamed from the Nurburgring on Facebook and it comes just a few days after Finnish stunt driver Vesa Kivimaki set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest two-wheeled side wheelie, reaching the astonishing speed of 186.269kph in a BMW 335i Coupé.