There’s no doubt about it. We have the coolest police car fleet in the world and if you’ve ever been stopped by an Aston Martin One-77, BMW i8, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Bugatti Veyron or Lamborghini Aventador somewhere along Downtown, JBR or the Marina, then you are very lucky. Naughty! We mean naughty. And you most likely had a pretty big grin on your face for getting that close to the supercars while the officer wrote you a ticket for whatever you did wrong. You probably also took a selfie of yourself and the car. We don’t blame you but, other countries are getting a fleet that isn’t too shabby either, such as Germany.

We liked the Audi R8 GT-T by ABT done back in 2011, the BMW X4 of 2014 by AC Schnitzer was pretty awesome too and even America’s favourite sportscar, the Corvette, was assigned to duty in Deutschland last year. Now, it’s time for America’s favourite pony, the Ford Mustang, to join the group! Europe clearly loves cars that come from across the pond and the Pony (both the big bag 5.0 and the Ecoboost) has been selling very well there. It makes sense then for the muscle car to be given a police uniform courtesy of local Ford tuning specialist Wolf Racing.

The project, dubbed Wolf Wide 5.0, sees the V8 go up from 421 horses to 455 and the Ford has a new top speed of 268kph. It rides on a set of custom 20in alloys wrapped with sticky Hankook tyres, gets a height adjustable suspension, a full body kit (it includes side panels, rear diffuser and a massive rear wing) and the exhaust system has been upgraded too. Then of course is the police car livery and flashing lights and siren by Hella. However, the Mustang won’t be used for actual duty; it was built to promote the Polizei’s TUNE IT! SAFE! Campaign which aims to encourage car tuning that is safe and compliant with Germany’s motor vehicle regulations.