When we test drove the 200 we came away quite impressed and even though we knew it was on its way out, we felt Chrysler had finally done a good job on the saloon which throughout its life had suffered from all sorts of issues and recalls. Well now, time has officially run out for the model and production has shut down.

It replaced the Sebring and was on sale for six years between 2010-2016 however, it never quite left its mark in the midsize saloon segment. Sales started strong in the early years but they tailed off pretty badly for 2016 dropping by an alarming 65 per cent - even though it was a competent car. That’s a shame in itself but what of the plant that built the model and the staff that worked there? Well, the Sterling Heights Assembly, located in Sterling Heights, Michigan, is to be shut down temporarily as it’ll be transformed to take on production of the Ram 1500 pick-up and other models built on the same platform. And most of the 1,700 workforce will retain their job while FCA says that there will be an additional 4,600 workers once the plant reopens.

FCA initially wanted to continue production of the model and searched for a partner but no agreement could be reached and so that’s the end of the road. The upcoming Ram should be on sale from the first quarter of 2018 but as for the 200, Chrysler says that it will not be replaced as right now, the SUV/CUV dominate the market and this is where the brand wishes to focus their attention. But as of now, this news leaves just the 300 and Pacifica minivan in the lineup. That doesn’t bode well for Chrysler and we reckon it won’t be long until it reveals a bunch of new models otherwise it’ll be in real danger of fading away. Now, if some weren’t bemoaning the loss of the 200, losing the entire brand would be a terrible shame.