Get confused rather easily by the first and second generation Range Rovers? Don’t know your Velar from your SV Autobiography Dynamic? Think all SUVs just look the same? Well then, you really need to watch this little video from Land Rover to mark 48 years of the model.

Yes, it has almost been half a century since the 1969 concept was revealed and it isn’t a surprise that our minds have been programmed to picture an image of a muddy Rangey when someone says SUV. It is one of the most iconic models in the segment and nothing quite says you’ve arrived in life than owning one of these.

During those 48 years it has earned many firsts in the automotive industry when it comes to tech such as being the first SUV to feature a permanent four-wheel drive system, the first 4x4 to get anti-lock brakes, the first SUV to get electronic traction control, automatic air suspension, all-aluminium construction and the list goes on.

So, there’s no better way to remind us all of the key dates and models in the off-roader’s history than this 1:25 second video. Well, there are better ways – we could drive them all back to back and put them through all sorts of tests from wading in water to bashing some dunes and then give you our definitive verdict but our budget only stretches so far. So, video it is then…