This is an idea Dubai can take a cue from. From burgers and pizzas to bank ATMs, this city has a drive-through counter for almost everything. But the small village of Firle in South Downs, East Sussex, has trumped Dubai with a unique drive-through. Although open for one day only on Saturday, January 21, this one served food prepared by Michelin Starred chef Simon Rogan.

Organised as part of Land Rover’s #Hibernot initiative, which aims to inspire people to get outside and embrace winter, the luxury drive-through was set up on top of East Sussex’s highest peak, Firle Beacon. The group of 60 specially invited guests drove up the Firle estate in their Range Rover vehicles, before pulling up to the drive-through and placing their orders at the intercom. After placing their order, they made their way to a bespoke ‘pop-up’ dining area where a five-star three-course meal was ‘delivered’ to them.

Chef Rogan served up a meal based on the themes of Land (meat), Sea (fish) and Earth (vegetarian) all made using locally sourced ingredients. “Bringing this type of “experience-based” gourmet dining to a location like Firle gives people more of a reason to explore Britain’s outdoors and beautiful landscapes to engage with locally-sourced foods. We could definitely see more dining experiences like this popping up all over the country; people are spending more on eating-out and experiences and so they want something a bit different - a twist on the norm,” says the award-winning chef.

Land Rover says annual campaign called #Hibernot is a “celebration of all things wintertime”, by which it urges Brits to not hibernate through the winter months and encourage them to explore the beauty of the British countryside. Whether it catches on in Britain or not, one thing’s for sure, a luxury drive-through will be a major hit here in Dubai.