Phantom is a name that has been linked to the Rolls-Royce brand for over nine decades. In fact, it has always stood for the best the Goodwood automaker has made, which in turn meant the best in the automobile world. The Phantom VII, which revived the title 13 years ago, has reached the end of its production run, and the final car, naturally, is as posh, as bespoke and as special as a landmark Rolls-Royce can be.

Based on the Extended Wheelbase version of Goodwood’s current flagship, the Final Phantom VII was apparently commissioned by a “renowned” Rolls-Royce collector. With a nautical theme, the final car’s marquetry has been inspired by ocean liners from the Thirties, as the collector has a fascination for design and iconography of that era. Rolls-Royce says the application of tone-on-tone embroidery applied to the Powdered Blue leather interior evokes the movement of the sea. The clocks, fitted into both the front cabin and the partition wall have been designed in line with radio clocks from vessels of that era. The nautical theme continues with the plush lambswool carpets which also feature wake effect, obviously hand-cut.

In keeping with the theme, the exterior is finished in Blue Velvet hue, with a twin coachline with ocean liner motif running along the shoulder. The Spirit of Ecstasy has been finished in solid silver. This final example marks the decommissioning of the Phantom production line and paves the way for the introduction of Phantom VIII, which will be underpinned by an all-new aluminium architecture.