It’s been 15 years since the Fast and the Furious (2001) hit theatres and from all the resultant sequels (six so far…), we have come to expect three main ingredients with each new flick - exotic locations, massive explosions and of course a bunch of cool cars. And, the production team filming the latest flick, Fast and Furious 8, has shared images from its Facebook page of the awesome new cars that’ll be wowing cinemagoers.

Despite the sad death of Paul Walker (who played the character of Brian O’Conner) Fast and Furious 8 will unite the rest of the gang with the latest adventure taking place on… Icelandic ice. That means, the cars in question had to be customized to operate in the slippery conditions and because of that, they’re every bit as absurd as you’d have thought they’d be.

For instance, take the Dodge Charger that Vin Diesel’s character Dominic Toretto (would it be anything else for this guy?) will be driving. It’s been outfitted for ice racing. Many may not even recognize the classic muscle car due to the altered wheelbase, the massive fender flares and the bullet hole-covered body. The matte black paint, however, looks cool and overall, it is a little different from the off-road Dodge in the last movie… Let’s hope he doesn’t crash this one like he did the one at the end of the original movie. But, we won’t hold our breath…

As for the orange Lamborghini Huracan that’ll be driven by Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson) we have to say that it looks rather ordinary compared to the other wild cars. We never thought the day would come when we would say that about anything hailing from Sant’agata.

Very little about the storyline (storyline? What storyline?) is known but what we do know is that when this one hits theatres next year, we’ll be at the front of the queue getting tickets for what is likely to be more of the same, silly, over the top, fun.