Digital photography has come quite a long way since your first 2.0 megapixel cameras. While there are cameras available with sensors of up to 50 megapixels, it’s gigapixel images that are all the rage now. Remember CNN’s ultra-high resolution, interactive, 360-degree photograph of Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration that went viral? Now, Bentley Motors has captured one such of the Flying Spur W12 S and it’s been shot at our very own Dubai Marina.

The 7 billion-pixel image, captured using NASA-derived technology, looks like any other landscape shot of the Dubai Marina. However, when you zoom into the photograph, you can see a Flying Spur parked by the waters, and can focus all the way into the car’s bonnet badge. The interactive image also lets you zoom in to the city panorama in elaborate detail, with even the curvature of the earth visible in the horizon. Viewers can also explore the Flying Spur W12 S further with a 360-degree film narrated by John Paul Gregory, Bentley’s head of exterior design.

The incredibly detailed image was captured by suspending a camera 264 metres up the Cayan Tower and a single image was stitched together from 57.7 billion pixels. The process apparently took 48 hours and 1,825 frames to create, while the image was downloaded over a time span of 18 hours. And if you're wondering what the whole point of this exercise is, well, it gives Bentley an opportunity to liken this painstaking process to the attention to detail and the 130 man-hours that go into the making of each Flying Spur. Whether that sound lame to you or not, it indeed is an interesting image. To view the gigapixel image, click here.