Lamborghini has been saying for a while now that it wants to increase production of its supercars but the fact the Italian carmaker has just built the 8,000th Huracán has left us wide-eyed - and that too in just three years! They’re sure in a rush to get them out - and when the Urus joins the line-up, you might just start seeing a Wild Bull on every street corner! 

Anyway, to put that number into perspective, just 2,884 Diablos were produced between 1990-2001 and 2,049 Countachs between 1974-90. They built just over 14,000 Gallardos in a decade (2003-2013) but if Lambo maintains the current pace of production of the Huracán then over 26,000 will have been made in a 10 year period. Wow indeed.

The Huracán was launched in 2014 and is available as a coupé and convertible and as a rear-wheel drive (LP580-2) and four-wheel drive (LP610-4). As for the milestone Huracán Spyder, which came off the assembly line in Sant'Agata Bolognese, it is heading to the UK. The model has proven more popular than the Aventador which celebrated 5,000 units in 2016.