Tesla has been in the news for all the wrong reasons over the past few weeks. With questions raised over the safety of the company’s autonomous driving technology after the recent fatal crash in Florida followed by two more incidents involving its cars, the brand has been under pressure like never before. And to add to the regulatory investigations into its self-driving technology, the firm’s proposed merger with Solar City Corp, a company in which Elon Musk holds a significant stake, has also come under scrutiny. None of these augurs well for the brand’s sales figures, which have also shown a downward trend, with Tesla announcing earlier this month that it will miss its vehicle delivery target for a second consecutive quarter.

Seeing this, the electric carmaker has announced a new, cheaper version of its Model X crossover, the 60D, yesterday.  With a retail price of $74,000 (Dh272,000), the Model X 60D will be $9,000 (Dh33,000) cheaper than the Model X 75D. After factoring in the federal tax incentives, this will effectively come down to $66,500 (Dh244,000). Equipped with a 60kWh battery, the 60D has less torque and a shorter range than the 75D.On a full charge, the 60D’s battery pack will afford a range of 200 miles (322km), which is significantly lower than the 75D’s range of 237 miles (381km) and the 90D’s range of 257 miles (414km). However, there’s no dip in performance in the 60D compared to the 75D, with the new model doing the 0-100kph in the same time as its pricer sibling, and so is the top speed, which remains at 130mph (209kph).

The new model comes nearly a month after a similar price reduction was announced for the Model S, the saloon that had its base price slashed. Meanwhile, the Model 3, which is billed as the brand’s first mainstream model, is expected to roll out late next year, and has nearly 375,000 people waiting for its arrival sometime in 2018.