Audi has built its 200th R8 LMS race car. Launched back in 2009 and based on the first-generation R8, built 136 units of the track machine were made. And now with the second-generation model with us, 64 more R8 LMS cars have been built making for a total of 200 which have been delivered around the world.

Almost half of the parts in the hotter version are taken from the ‘regular’ (it isn’t regular at all, it’s a supercar) model such as the awesome naturally-aspirated V10. Audi says the motor is almost the same while the chassis is made at the ‘Böllinger Höfe’ site – yep, the place where the road-legal R8 is born.

The two generations have been a resounding success for Audi bringing home 28 overall championship titles along with nine overall victories in 24-hour endurance races and four triumphs in 12-hour races.

The 200th R8 LMS was completed this month at Audi’s Neckarsulm site in Germany. It belongs to team ‘Montaplast by Land-Motorsport’ - currently leading the ADAC GT Masters. The second-gen R8 LMS is 25kg lighter than the predecessor which is surprising because it has been packed with a lot more kit such as a roof-mounted rescue opening and a quick-adjustable foot lever system. The 5.2-litre can be tweaked to make as 585 horsepower and it is mated to a six-speed, paddle-shift gearbox.

 “We’re proud of this mark of 200 cars,” says Stephan Winkelmann, Managing Director of quattro GmbH that develops and produces the race car. “With more than ten manufacturers offering their products, including many premium sports car brands, the GT3 market is fiercely competitive in many countries. The demand shows that both our product and our services are focused on the customer and absolutely competitive.”

Audi has sold the most of the GT3 cars for this season and that’s impressive when you consider there’s also the Mercedes-AMG GT3, the Ferrari 488, the Lamborghini Huracan and the BMW M6 for customers to choose from.