All the rage is about Pokémon at the moment but if you don’t feel a connection with those cute yellow monsters, you might do better when reminiscing about another character that was making waves on your Sega games console a few decades ago – Sonic the Hedgehog. But, it has really startled us to read that our super-fast blue hero in the iconic game is going to be celebrating his 25th anniversary this year. No, that doesn’t make us feel old at all… To celebrate this milestone, Honda is to debut a custom-designed “Sonic Civic” at Comic-Con.

Based on a turbocharged 2016 Civic Touring saloon, the customized car will make its debut at the House of Blues in San Diego. It’s a clever move by Honda by pairing the gaming industry’s favourite athlete with the 10th generation Civic. If only it had Sonic’s super-sonic speed but it doesn’t; there are no modifications to its 1.5-litre, turbocharged inline-four engine.

The Sonic Civic features the main character throughout the vehicle along with custom wheels and tyres representing Sonic’s infamous red shoes and gold rings featured in the game, a custom exterior that includes a one-of-a-kind vinyl Sonic the Hedgehog design and bespoke paint scheme – a Sonic Black Grill, BASF R-M Candy Sonic Blue painted exterior with custom Sonic Yellow throughout including a Sonic Yellow Honda logo. As for the cabin, it features Sonic the Hedgehog front and rear seats with Katzkin Blue Leather and custom “Sonic the Hedgehog” 25th Anniversary embroidered logos. That’s not all; the Civic also packs a custom boot with Rockford Fosgate audio-visual system featuring two 500-watt T1S2 10in subwoofers, two 500-watt TM400 400-watt amplifiers, and a floor-mounted flip-up/down 32in television for video game fans to play the classic games.