The Licencing Agency of Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched the trial phase of its ‘Smart Track’ system for evaluating applicants of driving licenses in the emirate. The first successful trial took place at one of RTA’s drivers testing centres this week and put to use technologies such as smart sensors, Deferential Geographic Positioning System, and other sensors fitted to self-driving vehicles used for driver-testing. The test run was monitored by Abdullah Al Ali, CEO of Licensing Agency, Sultan Alakraf, Director of Drivers Licensing, and other senior officials. The ‘Smart Track’ system is part of the RTA’s efforts support the government’s drive to transform Dubai into the smartest city in the world.

“The system is part of driver-testing automation process as it provides an integrated link with an array of smart solutions such as advanced telematics, smart video recording systems, smart sensors and other sophisticated smart technologies,” said Abdullah Al Ali. The use of advanced technologies in the smart testing system, such as the facial recognition, is not restricted to examinees only, but also includes examiners, which Al Ali says marks a massive addition to transparency through the total elimination of mistaken identity. “It also enables Drivers Licensing Department to follow-up with the sustained quality improvements of testing processes. About 250 light and heavy vehicles, as well as light and heavy buses, have been fitted with the system that is compatible with the 5G Networks,” he explained.

The ‘Smart Track’ system can interact with several other systems, such as the smart yard and the centralised training systems. It can also transmit data to a driver powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology for analysing his or her driving behaviour. This enables the RTA to develop customised and specific retraining programmes tailored to individual trainees who could not pass their driver license tests.

According to the RTA, this system of automated reading and analysis of applicant skills marks the first automated practical road testing of driver license applicants worldwide. A smart app for road testing will be eventually developed to link the system with telematics to improve operational efficiency. Apart from helping improve traffic safety through refining driving skills and establishing a platform for direct follow-up of testing processes as well as intervening in case of potential risks, it also enhances the transparency and accuracy of data supplied to clients thanks to a 3D Panoramic Video Recording.