If you didn’t know, high-end tuner Vitesse AuDessus has quite a love for carbon fibre. Maybe not to the extent that Mansory worships the magical weave, but it has more than enough affection for it and has now joined forces with European designers at Bengala Automotive to make a special package for the current line-up of Rolls-Royce cars heavily featuring, yep, carbon fibre.

The Phantom, Wraith, Dawn, and Ghost can now all been treated to some TLC and judging by the photos, the results are really rather impressive. Did Sir find his Rolls a tad too heavy what with all that handpicked leather, lamb’s wool carpet, all that wood trim and layer upon layer of paint? Well then, Sir will be pleased to know that he can lighten the load somewhat by getting carbon fibre mirrors and mounts, grille surround, windshield surround, bonnet and new decklid and roof for the Wraith. Bengala Automotive gives these parts a restrained design, but they still look very eye-catching and give the cars even more presence. Like they really that. Anyway, the parts are not what you’d call a bargain. For instance, the bonnet costs Dh27,000. The grille surround? Dh15,000. Little things like mirrors? Dh11,500. Want more carbon fibre? Well, Vitesse AuDessus has forged carbon fibre wheels and start from oh just Dh77,000 a set. You’ll need to leave six weeks for delivery too but at least all parts come with a five-year warranty against defect or yellowing. But if that was to occur, you’d probably just junk your Rolls and get a new one, right? That’s how we imagine the ‘better half’ live anyway. “Carbon fiber wheels are the clearest and best performance choice as they dramatically lower unsrpung weight. The only failing is in the complicated production process and long manufacturing lead-times. Forged carbon wheels solve this problem and open the doors to a wide range of future applications”, Vitesse AuDessus CEO, Stefany Sanchez, said. 

Hmm, so, if merely owning a Rolls-Royce wasn’t enough for you and you really wanted to stick out from the crowd, here’s how you can do it.