Sir James Dyson pulled the plug on his electric car dreams in October last year - and we are only now getting to see what it would have looked like.

Many scoffed at the prospect of the company better known for making vacuum cleaners at building the seven-seat, sporty SUV which was reported to have almost twice the driving range as Tesla's Model X.

Now, for the first time, founder of the company Sir James Dyson has shared details and a photo of the scrapped EV.

The aluminium vehicle went by the codename “N526”, weighed 2,358kg and could accommodate up to seven passengers. It would have been offered with twin electric motors capable of producing 536bhp, a top speed of 201kph, and would have gone from 0 to 100kph in a blistering 4.8 seconds. The futuristic model measured five metres in length, two metres in width and was 1.7 metres high.

The most interesting things about the Dyson EV was its range - and its dashboard. It would have been able to be driven 965km on a single charge - far more than the Tesla Model X (it has a range of 505km) with Dyson attributing this to its patented solid-state batteries - while the dash would have floated in front of you “like a hologram”.

The sale of each vehicle would have needed to bring in at least $181,000 just for the company to break even. “There’s huge sadness and disappointment,” said Dyson - who is worth $19 billion - about the now-cancelled project. He had put in more than $605 million of his own money into it.

The team behind the car comprised 500 people who now, according to Sir James, have already moved on to other projects in the company.