The collective eyes of auto enthusiasts around the world are peeled for the official reveal of the Ford Bronco range tomorrow (July 13). Aimed squarely at the Jeep Wrangler, the Bronco’s return has been something hotly anticipated by off-road enthusiasts. Naturally then, Jeep wouldn’t want all the limelight being hogged by its upstart rival.

In a clear bid to divert some attention from the Ford Bronco, FCA’s adventure brand has tweeted a sketch that appears to be teasing a 392 Hemi V8 version of the Wrangler, a Gladiator, or possibly both!  The picture shows the front end of what could be either a Wrangler or a Gladiator, but with a bonnet that features a large scoop and the number 392 written on the side.

It is still not clear whether Jeep is actually bringing out a Hemi version of the Wrangler or the Gladiator, although there have been rumours that the Gladiator could be equipped in future with a more powerful engine to take on the likes of Ford’s F-150 Raptor. For all you know, this could well be a mere distraction tactic to steal the Bronco’s thunder! But if it’s not, then the Bronco has just ignited an exciting power struggle in the adventure 4x4 segment.