Always wanted to own and ride a scooter but wasn’t keen on the idea of having to put your feet down to balance the bike at a stop? The MP3 range from Italian scooter giant Piaggio could well be the right choice for you!

Launched in 2006, the Piaggio MP3 range transformed the scooter market by introducing a vehicle that offered the freedom of bike riding.

The biggest win for Piaggio was the fact that despite having two wheels at the front, the patented front suspension allowed the front wheels to tilt, ensuring a motorcycle-like riding style, leaning into corners just like a two-wheeler does. Additionally, the rider does not have to put their feet down to balance the vehicle when stopping at the lights or anywhere, thanks to a special button on the handlebar that locks the front suspension and unlocks automatically when you accelerate away.

The updated versions of the MP3 300, 350 and 500 models are now available at Society Motors in Dubai. The MP3 300 is powered by a 278cc single-cylinder four stroke engine making 26 horsepower and 26Nm of torque, while the MP3 350 is powered by a 330cc single-cylinder four stroke engine that’s good for 30 horsepower and 29Nm of torque. Meanwhile the range topping MP3 500 gets a 493cc engine that churns out 44 horses and 47Nm of torque and also has reverse gear to aid in parking.

Prices in the UAE start at Dh35,000 for the MP3 300, going up to Dh38,000 for the MP3 350, and Dh45,000 for the MP3 500.