Looking at a Lamborghini Aventador today, it’s difficult to imagine that it’s been a decade since the extreme supercar made its debut. Its lines are as current and stunning as they were 10 years ago. To mark the Aventador’s 10 years, and to pay homage to the end of its production, UAE-based bespoke coach builder Huber has announced aftermarket aero package for the legendary supercar.

Dubbed ‘Era’, the kits replaces the front and rear bumpers of the Aventador with an entirely new design in carbon fibre, and an optional carbon fibre bonnet available to customers and distributors worldwide. Additionally, the parts will be available in exposed carbon fibre in various hues.

Photo: Supplied

 “While we might be the new kid on the block, we feel that when designing new aero packages for a car, you have to consider both a clean sheet of paper and the North Star of its pre-existing DNA as your guide,” says founder Sean-Peter Hunber.

Huber says the company has developed and evolved a diverse design collection ready for production and that “the ERA is just the beginning of a range of designs we wish to bring to fruition”.

Photo: Supplied

The brand seems to have its strategy cut out and intends to build a new community of collectors and car enthusiasts while hoping to change the way the aftermarket business is viewed.

The first set of ERA aero kit units have already been spoken for and the brand hopes to supply more of these to a wider clientele through partnerships worldwide.