A new streaming app has been created for the Polestar 2, allowing owners to stream a variety of different services directly to the car’s screen when parked.

The beta app, which is available in all European markets, gives drivers the option to stream content from web-based providers straight to the 2’s 11-inch central screen, providing entertainment while parked or when the car is charging.

Available services will include news platforms and national TV broadcasts, as well as a video playlist created by Polestar. All European markets will receive BBC Ideas, Al Jazeera English and Germany’s Tagesschau, while additional feeds specific to certain countries will be added over the coming months.

Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO, said: “We have released the new Polestar video app in beta form so that our customers can start to enjoy the benefits of in-car video streaming sooner rather than later.

“We will receive feedback – both good and bad – that will help to refine the app based on thousands of use cases, rather than a small, defined set. We will also continue to add channels in the future, which gives the app huge growth potential since it is realistically able to integrate any web-based streams.”

The video app can only be used when the car isn’t in motion, though audio will continue to play when streaming and switching out of park. In addition, data used by the app is included in the car’s data plan, ensuring owners don’t need to pay any extra for the service.