If you thought that any Shelby Cobra was worth a considerable amount of cash, well, you can pat yourself on the back, because they are. But, just how much is the very first Shelby Cobra worth – you know, one that was first built by Carroll (and his team) in 1962 and which never left the legends care? That question was answered at Pebble Beach last Friday. And the answer is, unsurprisingly, a lot.

Chassis number CSX2000 offered by the Carroll Hall Shelby Trust sold at auction for a whopping $13.75 million (Dh50.5million) which in fact made it the most expensive American car ever sold at auction. Previously, the record was held by a 1968 Ford GT40. That one went for $11million (Dh40.3million). The Cobra had been painted several different colours in its first year and ended up in this cool blue but the car has never been restored since. A closer inspection reveals all sorts of chips to the paintwork and a tattered interior. It’s as original as they come and carries the sort of patina collectors die for these days.

The RM Sotheby sale saw another record on the same night, that being a 1955 Jaguar D-Type - the most important Jaguar ever made - becoming the most valuable British car ever to be auctioned. The Le Mans legend, chassis number XKD 501, went under the hammer for $21,780,000 (Dh80million) and the bidding lasted 15-minutes with four collectors fighting it out to claim ownership of the first D-Type supplied by Jaguar to a privateer team.

The third biggest sale of the night was achieved by a 1955 Ferrari 750 Monza Spider, chassis number 0510 M. It was driven by Phil Hill, Carroll Shelby and Jim Hall - the big three of American racing – and belonged to owner of 60 years, Jim Hall. It went for $5,225,000 (Dh19million).