If we’re lucky, we might see maybe one Smart car in a week buzzing around Dubai. No, there aren’t that many of them here but if you wanted to see 1,635 of them, then you needed to be in Hamburg this week were a new world record was set during the annual Smart Times event.

The first edition was organized back in 2001 and the event has moved to a different city each year and for 2016, fans of the Damiler-owned brand headed to Germany between 26 and 27 August in an attempt to beat the record set in Cascais, Portugal in 2014. Then, 1,427 Smart cars had assembled meaning the German parade managed to improve on that number by 208 cars and thus set a new record. Every Smart model was present from Roadsters, coupés, cabriolets, petrol engines, diesel engines and electric drive. There were countless limited editions and one-offs and even a ‘popemobile’! Other highlights included an off-road Smart with huge tyres and a massive ground clearance and it certainly went down well with the locals as it and the others made their way through the city. Joining in the carnival atmosphere was Germany’s Olympic Gold Medal beach volleyball team, Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst and in total, an impressive 3,167 people from all over the world joined the festivities – a big increase compared to the 2,476 participants of last year’s event in Budapest. In addition to the huge number of Smart cars, there was music, food, a Smart flea market, and a test track.

Next year, the event will take place in the city of Salou, Spain where it’ll have the chance to set new records.