Electric carmaker Tesla has been creating ripples in the automotive world of late with its Model X SUV and more recently the Model 3 compact car. While the new, yet-to-be-produced models hog the limelight, the firm’s flamboyant owner Elon Musk must be counting on this renewed interest in the brand to boost sales of the mainstay, the good old Model S, which received a modest facelift this week.

Cosmetic changes are subtle, and bring a few styling elements including the headlights in line with those seen in the Model X. The oval-shaped front grille of the current model will be ditched in favour of a thinner one. Inside, Tesla will offer two new wood trims, Figured Ash and Dark Ash, which pretty much are the aesthetic differences. However, there are a bunch of other changes under the skin including an upgraded charger that allows faster charging from particular sources, and a HEPA air filtration system, which is claimed to be 100 times more effective than other automotive filters.

The new more powerful charger can draws 48 amps, up from the current model’s 40, bringing it in line with the one offered with the Model X. Tesla says this will reduce charging times substantially when used with certain types of charging stations. The filtration system is also the same that was announced in the Model X, and promises superior defense capabilities against airborne pathogens and impurities.

There will be no changes to the drivetrain options, which will continue to comprise a rear-drive 70 along with the all-wheel trio of 70D, 90D and P90D. While there were rumours that the Model S will get a new 100kWh battery in place of the 90kWh unit offered now, there’s no word of any changes there either.

Production of the facelifted model started at the carmaker’s Fremont, California, factory early this week.