They’ve already got a fleet of luxury sportscars but now it seems Aston Martin will be adding a limited numbered track-ready monster to the lineup based on the soon to be replaced Vantage.

Called the GT8, the rear-wheel drive newbie could resemble the GT12 - however there’ll be a massive difference and you’d have guessed what that is from the name; it’ll be packing a V8 under the bonnet instead of the heavy 6.0-litre V12 which does the business in the 592 horsepower GT12. And since the chaps at Gaydon want to keep the manual alive, it’ll be mated to either a seven-speed row your own or an optional seven-speed automatic gearbox.

If the rumours are to be believed then the GT8, which could get an evolution of the regular Vantage’s naturally-aspirated 4.7-litre, will hit the 100kph mark from rest in under 4.5 seconds making it roughly three-tenths faster than the regular model. What’s more, the British brand has apparently already earmarked a select bunch of customers to preview the car, of which just 150 units are planned – that’s 50 more than the GT12.

There aren’t any official images yet apart from a teaser sketch of the GT8 with a pretty large front splitter, a massive rear wing, and a large rear diffuser that’ll produce significant aerodynamic benefits. It’ll most likely have carbon fibre body panels like the GT12 and could be the lightest road legal Vantage ever thanks to a widespread use of lightweight materials such as aluminium, titanium and the aforementioned magic weave.

Aston plans on introducing two limited edition models each year and the GT8 could be the first we see for 2016 meaning another one should be on the way soon. Ooh, exciting…