It’s amazing what a single letter can do to transform a model. For instance, the addition of the letter “S” on the Flying Spur W12 means the luxurious saloon is now the first four-door production Bentley to pass the 200mph (325kph) mark. Wow indeed.

The luxurious limo with the biturbo 6.0-litre W12 now makes a whopping 626 horses and 820Nm of torque – that is 10 horses and 20Nm more than the non-S model - and can hit 0-100kph in just 4.5 seconds and will go on until it reaches 325kph. The all-wheel drive Flying Spur with a rear-wheel bias (60 per cent of the power is fed to the back) also gets a tweaked suspension to go with the extra oomph which should improve ride and handling. That’s not all; the newbie can be had with optional carbon ceramic brakes (with red or black calipers) to improve stopping power. It needs all the help it can get when it tips the scales at an alarming 2,475kg.

The exterior hasn’t been forgotten and features gloss black trim along with a set of seven-spoke, 21in wheels with a similar finish. The headlights get a black tint (as do the taillights) while the grille also gets a gloss black finish. The cabin features black engine-turned trim, two-tone leather seats, a new three-spoke steering wheel and knurled gearshift paddles while ‘W12 S’ emblems have been embroidered on the headrest.