Back in 2013, you might recall Callaway Cars promised that it’d make a shooting brake styled C7 Corvette. Well folks, the time has come; the Corvette Aerowagon will be with us as soon as you can pick your jaw up from the floor. In actual fact, it’ll be here in the fourth quarter of this year and we can’t wait.

They’ve got a conversion kit featuring a new roof made of a single piece of carbon fibre. The design will use the original latch mechanism from the stock hatch, hinge, and seal which means the conversion won’t be that difficult to do. Best of all you can go back to the original look of the car if you ever get bored without much hassle, but we doubt you’d want to do that for the Aerowagen looks pretty cool if you ask us. According to Callaway, the new roof won’t just increase cargo room but it’d also see a slight drop in the Chevy’s drag coefficient. What’s more, you can still keep the removable panel over the front seats and enjoy open-air motoring. Details on Callaway’s package, available for the standard Stingray coupé, Z06, or their very own highly tuned Corvettes, are sparse for now but it’d give Americas favourite sportscar a sleeker look – even though the large rear pillar along with a small window out back would likely affect visibility. Care much about that? Didn’t think so.

Callaway is already taking orders but if you thought you could add a couple of seats back there, you can’t; the ‘Vette’s design just won’t allow it. Room for your skis, though? No problem.