It was just over a week ago that Lexus announced its UX Concept, set to make its world debut at the Paris Motor Show later this week. Now, the Japanese luxury carmaker has revealed the interior of the concept, which looks like it’s straight out of a sci-fi thriller. Styled at Lexus' European Design Centre, ED2, the Lexus UX Concept previews the brand’s future design language, which it says will appeal to a “progressive, urban audience living in a connected environment.”

Fittingly then, the UX Concept’s interior features a three-dimensional Human Machine Interface (HMI) which will apparently give drivers a completely “immersive” experience. In place of a conventional instrument binnacle ahead of the driver, the UX gets a transparent, floating globe that combines both analog and digital information. And instead of a touchscreen display, a facetted crystal structure with hologram-style display takes centre-stage on the dashboard and projects climate and infotainment system data to both driver and front passenger. The concept also features electro-chromatic windows, and ‘e-mirror’ cameras in place of side-view mirrors along with electrostatic switchgear housed under transparent covers that make buttons and knobs redundant. The images from the e-mirror are also projected on to the central holographic globe.

The angular fin motif used on the UX’s A pillar is mirrored on the dash, which acts as a removable sound bar built into the passenger side of the dashboard.

“Our brief was to create a new genre of compact crossover; a vehicle that could create something unique from a customer’s point of view—an innovative, three-dimensional, fully immersive user experience,” said Stephan Rasmussen, designer at European Design Centre, ED2.

The UX crossover concept will be officially revealed in Paris along with the refreshed IS, which is making its European debut, the NX Sport Edition and the new flagship coupe, the LC.