The DMC-12 wasn’t exactly the best sportscar ever. In fact, it was generally panned by the motoring industry for being poorly built and being very unreliable. Still, it found fame starring in the Back to the Future movies (where it was made fun out of for regularly breaking down…) but that didn't stop it from attaining a cult status and if you always wanted the 130 horsepower car but were put off the idea of over 30 years of wear and tear, well there’s some good news for you. You can now order a brand new one, complete with gullwing doors!

The resurrected DeLorean Motor Company, which under new management moved from Northern Ireland to Texas, is taking orders for the cars which are to be made by using original parts. However, since not that many parts are in stock, the company says it can build a maximum of 300 units. They’ll be assembling one car a month but once word is out that the DMC-12 is back, they’ll be churning out quite a few more we reckon. The new cars can be made due to a law that was passed in 2015 allowing small companies to make limited numbers of replica vehicles produced 25 years ago or more. A 2017 DeLorean prototype should be ready by early November and our inner Marty McFly cannot wait!

There isn’t any news on any specifications yet however that old V6 will be ditched for a newer motor – possibly a crate V8 with around 400bhp. There is no word on price yet either but the good news is that if you do sign up to buy one you don’t have to hand over any cash until the car is ready – the application is non-binding. But we doubt anyone would cancel their orders. We're talking about a new DeLorean, baby!