Henrik Fisker, who left the erstwhile Fisker Automotive (now Karma Automotive) three years ago to start his own venture, Fisker Inc., has revealed his latest creation. Dubbed Fisker EMotion, the new all-electric sports saloon looks stylish and promises impressive performance and mileage figures.  

As we had gathered from the teaser images released earlier, the EMotion is a really good looking car with a much more aggressive stance and sporty lines than the Karma plug-in hybrid saloon that Fisker’s previous venture built. With its flared fenders and muscular wheel arches, it also looks more belligerent than other premium EV offerings including the Tesla Model S. Adding credence to its sporty pretensions, the car will be built on a composite frame made of carbon fibre and aluminum, and should boast remarkably good aerodynamics.

Thanks to new batteries made using graphene by the joint-venture called Fisker Nanotech, which will be the sole supplier of power to the brand, the EMotion will have a range of 400 miles (over 640km) on a single charge. It's also apparently capable of hitting a top speed of 161mph (259kph). These are all projected figures as of now, as the project is yet to be completed.

Fisker also claims space in the new car’s cabin that’s comparable to those in full-size luxury saloons, and in an obvious dig at Tesla, says it will be roomier than its closest competitors. The company says this has been achieved by taking advantage of the newly developed electric powertrain layout, which allows by pushing the vehicle’s entire interior compartment forward and increasing the wheelbase with distinctively short front and rear overhangs.

Although there’s no confirmation about the car’s autonomous driving abilities, the EMotion is sure to be equipped with the technology as it is aimed straight at Tesla Model S, which is a self-driving car. The Fisker EMotion will most likely have its official global debut sometime next year, with first deliveries starting shortly after that.