It was a week ago that we brought you news on the Beast Alpha, er, the more comfortable model by Rezvani (it has AC and airbags…) but since it is based on the Ariel Atom 3, we know it isn’t exactly a boulevard cruiser. It still promises to be a wild ride what with a carbon fibre construction, ability to hit 100kph from rest in just 2.7 seconds and the fact it only tips the scales at 750kg. Well now, the company has revealed another teaser image of the newbie and if you can take your eyes off the shapely on display, you’ll notice the doors of the Beast Alpha are a bit special.

The rear-wheel drive model, which features a 500 horsepower Honda-sourced 2.4-litre supercharged motor and is mated to a six-speed manual, has a removable hardtop and a fancy cabin swathed in leather and Alcantara and from the latest teaser image, we can see that the carmaker has installed Sidewinder doors on it which although similar are a tad more fancy than those equipped on minivans…. The odd forward sliding design allows a wide opening with a very small outward clearance according to the company. Hmm, the cynic inside us can’t help but feel they did it to help draw a crowd.

Rezvani is still keeping other technical aspects of the car a secret but what we do know is that this one will be a touch softer than the hardcore Beast and Beast X. All will be revealed on November 16th when it makes its world debut.