We fell head over heels for the rear-wheel-drive Huracán that we tested at Losail International Circuit, Doha and even though it was a tad down on power compared to the all-wheel drive LP 610-4, it was 30kg lighter, and – we’ll say it again – it was rear-wheel drive. That meant it was truly epic to blast around the track and the purest Lambo in years, but if it left anyone feeling a little hot under the collar (it might have what with 540Nm of torque and a 0-100kph sprint of 3.4 seconds…) there is good news – you can cool off in this new rear-wheel drive Spyder which has just been revealed at the Los Angeles motor show.

The front and rear of the new LP 580-2 Spyder have been redesigned and the soft-top can be removed and closed in 17 seconds and up to speeds of 50kph. The newbie, which rides on 19in Kari rims (it also has specially contoured steel brakes with aluminium brake disc pots) is quite a bit heavier than the hardtop as it tips the scales at 1,509kg – that is 119kg more than the coupe (but it is 86kg lighter than the all-wheel-drive LP 610-4 Spyder) and if you thought the extra weight would affect performance, worry not; the naturally-aspirated 5.2-litre V10 still makes 572bhp and 540Nm of torque – the same as the rear-wheel drive version. And, with a weight distribution of 40 per cent front, 60 per cent rear, it is able to hit 100kph in 3.6 seconds and will go on to a top speed of 319kph. So, there’s hardly any difference but with the roof down, buyers might just be taking it easy with the throttle and cruise along the boulevard instead. Which is a shame; the Raging Bull was born to run, but we suppose when it looks this good, bystanders should be allowed time to whip out the smart phones and snap away. There’s a seven-speed LDF dual-clutch transmission with lightning-quick gear changes and even a launch control feature to set pulses racing. As usual, the Lambo has different modes, ranging from Strada, to Sport, to Corsa (you’ll want to be on the track with the latter is deployed as it is the wildest setting of the lot) and it packs a 12.3in high-res TFT instrument panel – which, every time you turn the wheel left or right, you can’t see.

But who cares about these little things, the Huracán is one of the most exhilarating models we’ve driven and this new one will be available in markets worldwide from January 2017.