All the talk from Maserati has been about the Levante in recent months and rightly so, it's pretty darn good, but the Trident now has other big news for us – and it sure has got us buzzing with excitement; a production version of the Alfieri concept has been confirmed, but wait, there’s more; an electric version will be on the road by 2020. That’s right – the Alfieri will be Maserati’s first ever electric vehicle.

The concept, which was unveiled at the Geneva motor show in 2014 - and it still looks fresh two years later we might add - will be available with a V6. Yes we know; the prototype had a V8 but this has been dropped for the sake of fuel efficiency and the environment and Maser says it will be more of a grand-touring coupé. The production model is expected to be bigger than the Porsche Boxster/Cayman and although it will be built on a brand new platform it will share many components with the Ghibli. Three power stages are set to be available for the combustion engine rear-wheel drive variant; 410, 450 and 520 horsepower and this will be with us by 2019, with the electrified version arriving a year later.

It’ll be offered with both a hardtop and convertible body styles and even though Maserati is turning up late once again to the EV segment (it’ll be six years from concept to production - the SUV took around the same length of time before it was able to see daylight…) we reckon the battery-powered Alfieri will have the style and substance to make a very good impression.