There’s nothing quite like a massive scoop on the bonnet of your car to tell the world that what’s under there has some serious firepower. Unless, of course, it’s a fake and your motor barely makes any power at all, in which case, it just looks silly. But, the ram-air scoop (it looks just like the one on the new GMC Sierra 2500) on the revised Silverado HD pickup looks anything but silly; it’s fully functional with up to 60 per cent of the air fed to the engine coming from it.

At the moment, the 6.6-litre Duramax turbo-diesel V8 makes 397 horsepower at 3,000rpm (without the scoop or the new intake system) and is mated to a Allinson six-speed automatic sending power to all four corners - but the new technology will deliver cool air to the hardworking cylinders of the 2017 model. The new air inlet works like a second ducted air intake (the other one is on the grille) and it pulls cooler air into the system chambers before entering the block to increase power (hopefully – no new figures have been released yet) and efficiency (as you know, engines run more efficiently off cool air…) and what’s more, to bring down the engine temperature; nobody likes seeing that needle inching towards the red zone while sitting in traffic… The intake works best if the air is dry which isn’t always guaranteed because, er, the rain, remember? So cleverly, General Motors fitted it with an air/water separator “to ensure only combustion-enhancing dry air is drawn into the engine,” said Chevy in a statement, adding that the system had been tested in all-weather scenarios.

Not too much else is known about the 2017 truck but we’ll let on as soon as we get more information. But, if you thought scoops on the bonnet just looked good, well, this one does a bit more than that.