Ferrari has been selling its cars in Japan for 50 years and to mark the occasion, a new strictly limited bespoke model called the J50 has been revealed. And it is simply gorgeous.

The two-seater is based on the 488 Spider and marks the return of the targa body style of the Seventies and Eighties. Built by Ferrari’s Special Projects department (the same guys that made that awesome one-off SP12 EC for Eric Clapton…) and designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre team in Maranello, only 10 units of the J50 will be made.

Powered by a biturbo 3.9-litre V8, the J50 will produce 690 horses – that’s 20 more than the 488 Spider. There’s no confirmation on how much torque it will have but it’s fair to assume it will be more than the 760Nm that the donor car makes. Riding on a set of tailor-made 20in forged alloys it features a lower bonnet section with a pair of carbon fibre air ducts, raised wheel arches a quad taillight design and a rear diffuser “inspired by jet engine afterburners”. It’s most striking feature has to be the “helmet visor effect” which sweeps forward along the sides of the J50 and around the nose. Ferrari says the design is reminiscent of its cars of the Fifties and we like the black line slicing the car lengthways which is a nod to a similar design of the F40, 355 and F50.

As for the interior, red and black trim sports seats will hold the lucky driver in place and there’s lots of Alcantara and leather trim. The targa roof is a two-piece carbon item which can be stowed behind the seats.