Remember the Atieva Atvus? If you don’t it’s alright, as that name didn’t stick on for more than a few days. The company rebranded itself as Lucid Motors within a few days from that announcement in October and its electric car with ambitions to take on Tesla’s Model S has been renamed to Air. So what was supposed to be the Atieva Atvus is now the Lucid Air. While the name has become more, er, lucid, the goal remains the same; beat the mighty Model S in styling, performance, luxury and range.

The Air has been revealed fully now, and it looks no less stylish and dramatic than any other luxury saloon out there, electric or conventional. And since it’s been developed as an exclusively electric vehicle, the engineers have been able to free up plenty of room in the cabin, despite the Air’s mid-size saloon dimensions. Like Tesla, this gives Lucid Motors an edge over established carmakers who have to work around the baggage of platforms purpose-built for conventional drivetrains.

Power comes from a floor-mounted 100-kilowatt-hour battery pack, which is good to impart an estimated range of 643 kilometres (400 miles) on a single charge. This incidentally is better than the Tesla’s range of 506 kilometres (315 miles). There is an option to fit it with a 130-kilowatt-hour battery pack, which will take the Air’s output to a whopping 1,000 horsepower (745 kilowatts), and will hurtle the Air from 0 to 96kph (60mph) in just 2.5 seconds. And to complete its potential dominance over the Model S, it’s also been equipped with a host of radars, sensors and cameras to lend it self-driving capabilities.

Lucid will start production of the Air by late 2018 at its new plant in Arizona, and the fully equipped model of the electric car will be priced at $100,000.