Bentley’s new teaser image might not show too much apart from a wheel and a wing but when the British carmaker says “the most extreme Bentley ever... is coming,” we know one thing for certain – it’ll be fast, whatever it is.

The smart money is it being a new Continental GT Supersports; back in 2010 when it was launched, it had a twin-turbo W12 that made 621 horses and Bentley called it their “fastest and most powerful production car.” Well now, they’re about to unveil an even more potent version. It looks like it’ll be based on the already very rapid Continental GT Speed which has 633 horses but the newbie could have as much as 700 horses and 840Nm of torque.

What we can gather from the teaser is that it’ll feature a rear wing likely made from carbon fibre, a pair of new bonnet vents, and rather large wheels behind which sit brake calipers painted red. It also appears to wear wider side skirts than those on the GT Speed, blacked out taillights, and although we haven’t seen it yet it’ll probably have a cabin loaded with carbon fibre elements and other high quality materials – and no back seats.

As you all know, the a brand new Continental GT is to be revealed by the end of this year and so this – which should be revealed tomorrow and make its debut at the Detroit motor show - would be a pretty nice way of waving farewell to the current model.