We are big fans of the Bentayga and like the luxurious SUV for many reasons – the almost obscene levels of power being one, not to mention the lavish cabin but some folk aren’t as impressed, such as German tuner DMC. So, it went to work on the 600 horsepower all-wheel drive Bentley revising its looks and adding more power to create this, the Gigante.

It’s far more aggressive looking than the standard model and has been finished in a very loud shade of orange. It rides on a new set of forged aluminium wheels (they are available in sizes measuring 22- to 24in) and features lots of carbon fibre all over the place; for instance, the bonnet is made from the magical lightweight weave, it has side skirts made from the same material, and even the tailgate gets a little strip. There is yet more carbon fibre in the cabin such as the steering wheel while accents of Italian leather have been adorned on the dashboard and the seats. Even the floor mats get the lavish finish in the front and the back.

As for the 6.0-litre V12 under the revised bonnet, DMC has increased the output by a whopping 100 horses making for a total of 700. This was achieved by a new exhaust system and tweak of the ECU. The Gigante has a top speed of 310kph (that is 10kph more than the standard model) and maximum torque now stands at 1,055Nm.

DMC is not the first tuner to give the British SUV a makeover; others such as Mansory and Startech have tried - with varying degrees of success…