Hmm, we’re not totally sure about this one. We always felt that the Range Rover Evoque, introduced to the world in 2011, looked pretty good just the way it was. It struck the perfect balance of aggression and sophistication and has been a very big sales success. But, that didn’t stop the tuners from giving it a new look. Kahn Design, Milner, and Startech all had a go and now, Hamann has too. They, apparently, didn’t think the Evoque looked menacing enough. So, the German tuner got its hands on the CUV and gave it its own touch, but, we wish it hadn’t.

It looked just fine the way it was but now it sports a widebody kit, which is available for both three- and five-door versions, but it doesn’t do the model any favours. Maybe had they been a tad more conservative with the aesthetic add-ons it would have resulted in a far better look. But, this just looks awkward. It isn’t all bad however. Coating the baby Rangie in black paint was a wise move and dropping the ride height by 30mm was good too. We even like the 22in 18-spoke alloys while around the back it gets a centre-mounted dual exhaust. But then just one look at the front end reminds us what a mess this is. The nose is characterised by a lot of noisy styling elements, it packs a new front skirt with LED daytime running lights and we can’t help but look away rather sharpish. As for the interior, it gets new floor mats, silver (or black) anodized aluminium pedals and foot rest, and an illuminated door sill with the tuner’s logo.

Hamann also optimised the ignition map for all engines to give them more power. The 147 horsepower TD4 motor now makes 178 horses while the Si4 goes from 240 horses to 256.