British carmaker Eagle has launched the new Spyder GT, which was first announced at the 2016 London Classic Car Show, and we have to say it is absolutely gorgeous. Based on the classic Sixties Jaguar E-Type, this latest special-edition model improves on every aspect of the old car including handling, performance, and reliability. And the newbie will allow well-heeled customers to enjoy some open-air driving, but with 330bhp (20 horses more than the tin top), they’d better be sure those toupees are on tight.

Apart for the foldable roof, the Spyder GT features a taller windshield which should cosset passengers from wind when the driver nails the throttle and awakens that 4.7-litre inline-six under the curvy bonnet.  With 461Nm of torque it can hit 100kph in just over five seconds. Mated to a five-speed manual with a limited-slip differential, this drop-top – riding on 16in wheels - sure looks like it would be fun to drive. Eagle has fitted aluminium parts for the monocoque, gearbox, and engine block and the modifications help it to tips the scales at just 1,029kg. That’s just 21kg more than the Speedster.

Henry Pearman, Managing Director at Eagle says, “We’re really proud of what’s been achieved with our E-Type Special Editions, and the worldwide reaction has made all the years of effort and dedication completely worthwhile. The Spyder GT represents the very best of what we do here at Eagle and we’re thrilled to present it to the world.”

If you want one of these hand built beauties – with a cabin featuring luxurious leather, a sweeping centre console and even a hidden handbrake lever - you’ll need a lot of money… Dh 3.2 million to be exact.